East Anglian Schools Trust

Meet Our Team

Central Team

  • Angelo Goduti
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Cheryl Singleton
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO)
  • Jill Porter-Hardy
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Kirk King
    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Carole Anderson
    Finance Manager
  • Chris Gilling
    Finance Officer
  • Emma Power
    Executive Assistant (EA)
  • Louise Turner
    Lead Governance Professional
  • Melissa Rodwell
    Trust HR Manager
  • Nicki Legh-Smith
    Compliance Officer
  • Sophie King
    Data Lead Team
  • Leigh Read
    Data Lead Team
  • Louise Gilmour
    Safeguarding Lead

Primary School Leaders

Primary School Leaders (ID 2272)

  • Helen Murray
    Executive Headteacher
  • James Ratcliffe
    Executive Headteacher
  • Heidi Norman
    Head of School at Aldeburgh Primary School
  • Cat Rivera
    Head of School at Easton Primary School
  • Lucy Melton
    Head of School at Leiston Primary School
  • Magen Box
    Head of School at Saxmundham Primary School
  • Jo Harris
    Head of School at Wickham Market Primary School
  • Jo Stanley-Bell
    Leadership Development
  • Melissa Geater
    Primary Learning Development Lead

Special School Headteachers

Special School Headteachers (ID 2271)

  • Anna Mears
    Headteacher at Castle EAST School

Secondary School Headteachers

  • Chanel Oswick
    Headteacher at Bungay High School
  • Peter Smith
    Headteacher at Farlingaye High School
  • Julia Upton
    Headteacher at Kesgrave High School


  • Kerensa Carrick
  • Helen Millson
    Primary Programme Leader


  • Tim Fosker
    Chair of Members
  • Jeremy Mead
  • Paul Hulley
  • Peter Elliott
  • Zoe Sprake


  • Stella Mackenzie
    Chair of Trust Board
  • Emma Plane
    Chair of Audit & Risk Committee
  • Stef Thorne
    Chair of Education Committee
  • Nick Wellington
    Chair of Estates & IT Committee
  • Stephen Shaw
    Chair of Finance & HR Committee
  • Don Hawkley
  • Jonathan Duggan
  • Neville Howe
  • Paul Simpson
  • Phil Lee
  • Tony Cooper

Please follow these links to view who is on our school's Local Governing Bodies (LGB):

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Bungay High School LGB

Castle EAST School LGB 

Easton Primary School LGB

Farlingaye High School LGB

Leiston Primary School LGB

Kesgrave High School LGB

Saxmundham Primary School LGB

Wickham Market Primary School LGB